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Mail: admin@tstuk.co.uk

Update on training

Everyone should have been contacted now with details of return classes. If you hope to return to TSTUK and have not been told your new day/time of class, please contact TSTUK on admin@tstuk.co.uk or 07910252901

Classes have been heavily reduced with extra session put on to get as many of you back as possible.

From 17th July we are able to take back school children under the “after school” club guidelines.

From 25th July we will be taking back all ages in small groups and still using the outside area where possible. Zoom classes will then be reduced to 1 a week for anyone still shielding.

Please make sure you follow the NEW rules and procedures when returning and help keep everyone safe.

Please bring as little with you as possible, no bags, no coats or hoodies where possible,  easily recoverable shoes, and parents please make sure children have been to the toilet prior to bring to class.

No one is to enter the dojang without being instructed to do so by an instructor, you will then be lead to your own training square marked out on the floor.

We look forward to seeing you all back real soon.