TSTUK - What our members say about us.

Mark W
“Great place for kids and adults to build their confidence and fitness regardless of ability ( I was 40 years old and had never done martial arts when I started). Plenty of instructors and a relaxed, professional atmosphere. Family classes allow me and my kids to learn and train together, something that is not offered at many other martial arts schools. Cannot recommend enough”.

Tom E
“I would definitely recommend TST. My daughter had a trial lesson when she was 4, and is now one belt away from black belt! The instructors are fabulous and cater for everyone's needs. They are really down to earth and their teaching skills are awesome”.

Nigel D
“I can’t speak highly enough of tst. My children not sporty, but the quality of training and support has always been excellent. They focus on everyone as individuals, not just look for stars, and support them. My son has thrived with tst, and their satellite club in balsall common. Highly recommend it for concentration fitness and self esteem”.

I stayed in Coventry temporarily for work and attended classes for about 2 months. The sign up process was very easy and the admin who runs the club was incredibly helpful. I had done some other types of martial arts before so I had high expectations. I was very impressed with how professionally run and friendly the class was. The level of training was of very high standard, the coach explained the moves very well and I never felt that I was being left behind. The exercises were varied and interesting and I was never bored. The class was an hour which covered a lot. I could have easily done another hour and was sad every time it ended. I felt that the coach was very upbeat, approachable and there was no sense of favouritism that I had experienced in other martial arts schools. They wanted to get the best out of everyone and build our confidence. TSTUK Coventry you will be missed!

Started late in life 40+ but with lots of support from the whole club. During COVID the club continued on line showing its support for all of us. My daughter ages 5 has now started and she loves it to. 100% endorse TSTUK


Absolutely amazing place for your kids to learn how to, not only protect themselves, but have fun and meet new friends. Great people there so your kids are in great hands, and those hands will do there upmost to help yours kids to become the best that they can be. Can’t recommend this place enough.