By signing up to TSTUK you agree to the following terms and conditions

Please note it is your responsibility to cancel membership and class fees should at any point you chose not to continue training. No refund can be given for failure to do so.

Our standing orders are worked out over a 48 week year allowing 2 weeks for Christmas and another 2 weeks for holidays taken throughout the year. If standing orders payments are cancelled , membership is also terminated meaning on your return to classes the annual membership fee will have to be paid again.

If you wish to freeze payments please speak to an instructor, this may be possible depending on waiting lists for classes at the time of asking.

Only TSTUK suits can be worn in sessions unless you have recently transferred from another club, where we will allow other suits to be worn until such a time a new suit is required.

Only TSTUK T-Shirts can be worn in classes. We are a military Martial art and as such we have a uniform we adhere to.

Please note payments are taken by a third party company “Gocardless” and as such they take a percentage of your fee. Any errors on your or their part relating to payment can and will not be reimbursed by TSTUK.

During any “lockdowns” forced upon us by the U.K Government, we will move classes online using zoom. If you do not come to those sessions that is your choice and no refund will be given.

Sparring kits for yellow belts and above

Safety equipment needs to be safe!!! Boots need to cover the entire foot,  and gloves need to be of approved type. (No bag gloves, fingerless gloves, or gloves over 10oz). Head guards are compulsory, as are groin guards for all boys sparring.

I Agree to the above terms