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Our “Small but mighty warrior” system (ages 4 – 7) differs from most young martial arts programs. 
We try and keep the interest of the children by offering frequent rewards by way of coloured tips on the ends of the belts. 

We break up the regular TaeKwon-Do syllabus into 5 chunks per grade, each section has 3 tasks to complete in order to gain a coloured tip. Once all 5 tips are earned, a full TaeKwon-Do grading can be taken as the student will have learnt the full syllabus requirements. 

Younger children’s classes are fast paced and as such are only 30 minutes in length. We know young children’s concentration is hard to keep, and we work on increasing the lengths they can concentrate for, whilst keeping the sessions productive and fun.

Your child will learn patterns of moves, shadow sparring, pad work, discipline, self-control, and self-defence. Getting fit and flexible all at the same time. Come along and take a FREE class, or just watch and see how confident the students are, and how much fun they have.
We have both male and female instructors. 

We offer a FREE trial class before you join. Our prices are very competitive compared to most, and we don’t have any CONTRACTS, so if at any point you decide Taekwon-Do isn’t for you, you can just stop your payments.

We have family discounts, as well as trade prices on a lot of the equipment we sell.

Due to this success TSTUK were Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull Sports team of the year in 2012

In 2013 we also became Guinness world record holders for the world largest Taekwon-Do display

Already training elsewhere but not happy? We will honour your current membership when switching to TSTUK

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