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Access by Three Spires School, Kingsbury Road Coundon, Coventry CV6 1PL
White Belt-Yellow Stripe.pdf
White Belt   10th Kup
Yellow Stripe - yellow belt (1).pdf
Yellow Stripe   9th Kup
yellow belt - green stripe (1).pdf
Yellow Belt   8th Kup
green stripe - green belt (1).pdf
Green Stripe   7th Kup
blue stripe-blue belt.pdf
Blue Stripe   5th Kup
green belt-blue stripe.pdf
Green Belt   6th Kup
blue belt- red stripe.pdf
Blue Belt   4th Kup
red stripe-red belt.pdf
Red Stripe   3rd Kup
red belt-black stripe.pdf
Red Belt   2nd Kup
black stripe-black belt (1).pdf
Black Stripe   1st Kup

New Video syllabus will be available first quarter 2019. It is currently being made and will show and explain everything for each belt up to 1st degree Black belt.

Pattern Videos