TSTUK News Oct/Nov 2016



Mr and Mrs Tizick along with TSTUK instructor Mr Stuart Pearson have been awarded a Martial arts Illustrated “Hall of Fame” award.

Mark Fitton was promoted to 3rd Degree Black Belt by Master Bradshaw on Sunday 23rd October.


Well 949 people completed the routine making us once again Guinness world record holders. People came from pretty much every TaekwonDo association I can think off, from TAGB to WTF. We had a great time and photos can be seen in our gallery.



Half term week we have 2 class changes. Tuesday 25th  October we are in the Westwood hall at he Xcel centre, Mitchel Avenue Canley. Thursday there is no training at all. If you usually train Thursdays please try and use one of the other classes, this is a one off closure as the caretaker is on his stag do.



We have a full list of events starting 18th September with the English U-ITF open in Derby.


New classes:

Our kick boxing class on a Monday night is being relocated to St James Church Hall Stivichal CV3 6QR starting 5th September, this will mean the classes run all year around from September onwards.

Classes in Eastern Green Area – St John Veanney school and Woodfield School Stoneleigh Road will also open in September.



With over 900 students already signed up for the event, people need to return their forms asap or miss out, we can only accommodate 1000 students at the event. Download your form here and start collecting sponsorship by downloading a form here. Mugs are on sale now priced £5 +P&P and T-shirts for the event will be on sale very soon. All profits go towards the Rainbow trust charity who the event is in aid of.


ITF Certificates ordered signed by Grand Master Hwang have been signed off and should be with you soon.