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Junior classes (7-15) This is full ITF style (Chang Hon) Taekwon-Do, as taught by the founder of the art General Choi Hong Hi (11th April 1955). Children will learn self-control, self-defence, courtesy, perseverance, respect, all whilst getting flexible and fit. Our syllabus involves, sparring, patterns of movements, breaking of boards, pad work, theory, and self-defence. Come along and see for yourself how popular and structured the sessions are.

Whatever the level or reason for wanting to join a martial arts class, we can cater for your needs: 
want to be a champion? Just get fit? Meet new friends? It’s all here in a safe environment, with lots of professional instructors on hand to help you on your way.
Start your journey today and never look back

Due to this success TSTUK were Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull Sports team of the year in 2012

In 2013 we also became Guinness world record holders for the world largest Taekwon-Do display

Already training elsewhere but not happy? We will honour your current membership when switching to TSTUK
Fill out a TSTUK membership form and pay no membership until your old membership runs out !!!! We also guaranty to match any other TKD clubs fee’s