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I had studied martial arts for over 20 years when I joined TST. I left my old organisation because I felt I was mearly number who paid money. I felt all gradings were massively over priced and in all honesty no assurance of quality or ability.

Since joining TST I have gained my first degree black belt, had the opportunity to train with a current world champion and Mr and Mrs Tizick have supported me through out and given my valuable advice. I feel a better practioner ot Taekwon do, I have tha advantage of regularly sparring with truely and litterally world class competittors and most of all I have lost almost twenty kilos.

Joining TST has been the a great choice for me and I would urge anyone to come along to the TST family and experience not just the training but the true family feel of this great club. Exactly how Taekwon do was meant to be.

John Asher

For anyone thinking of starting Taekwondo I say go for it! Your never too old, I am 41 and started two months ago and love it. This is a great sport that you can get addicted to quite easily and it has so many benefits. It will make you fit in no time, you will start to get more flexible and it will fill you full of confidence. You may even want to compete in this sport and this club caters for those who wish to. To learn how to defend your self is an essential life skill to obtain in this modern world as you never know what life will throw at you.

I am sure I know what you are thinking; you worry about coming along for that first time. I did I was almost shaking. I thought I would be met with a wall of testosterone filled guys who all would want to practice on the newbie. I could not have been more wrong. Everyone said hello to me and throughout the session were all very helpful. Be the end of the class I had learnt a few moves that I was then able to try out with one of the tutors. He had me hitting pads and telling me to think of someone I didn’t like! It worked, I could feel the stress relieving from me :-)

If you have not done any activities or sports, well you will ache for a day or two but this soon goes as your body gets used to what your asking of it and its all in a worth cause.

You will find the classes very well structured, they start with a warm up and some stretching. Some things you do with the whole class but then are put into groups according to grade so you can learn with others who are at the same level of skill as yourself.

Everyone at the club is friendly and you will make friends quickly everyone is there for the same thing, to learn Taekwondo. The instructors are brilliant and always there to help so don’t worry you will not look silly.

So come on down ant give it a try, what you waiting for???  

Michael Bolton

I agree, I started training with my daughter when she was 5 & I was 39. Can't believe I'm working towards my 2nd Dan black belt now, & my daughter is well on the way to black belt & we both hugely enjoy it. It's a fantastic club to be a part of

Tony Pleasance

I joined TST in August 2011 as a wreck! At that point my weight was hovering just under 17 stone, my fitness was dreadful and my confidence was rock bottom. I made slow and steady progress in my first few months, had a bit of a wobble and took some time out. But since last September I've not looked back. I'm now 13 stone 5, my fitness has improved dramatically and as for my confidence that's soared Your treated as a person not a number or a walking cash machine and a free month is a GREAT offer. Your lucky to get 2 classes out of most clubs. Everyone who's posted previously have more or less said that age isn't a factor, so I'll be the poster boy for fitness not being an issue either lol There is an Eastern proverb that states "A journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step" And its often the first one that's the hardest, but I can honestly say that stepping threw the doors while being daunting was one of the best things I ever did

Dan horobin

I have been a part of TST for some time as a parent watching the classes that my son, daughter and nephew have been going to. I have seen them make great progress with their own journeys. The kids really enjoy it, instructors are very proficient and very patient and supportive.
In September a introduction of a months' trial for adults started, to be held at the same time as the warriors class, so instead of sitting and watching me and my brother joined in and haven't looked back since!
Both me and my brother are just about to take our first grading and whilst it's a daunting prospect I feel incredibly proud that I have been deemed proficient enough.
I'm 43 years old and my age has never been an issue, I would love to be as flexible as the kids but I do try my best.
My overall fitness has improved and I hope this will continue.
It's a great club to be part of and would definately recommend anyone to join, you're never too old or too un-fit to take part.

Nikki Stoves

I started at TST on a 4 week free trial in August 2013 at 39 years old weighing over 20 stone and not being very coordinated or flexible I was very nervous and apprehensive, I thought I would really struggle with the training and that people would laugh at me but I couldn't have been more wrong The classes are well structured with excellent tuition from all the instructors fand rom the minute I walked in everyone was very friendly and supportive offering helpful advice and support when I struggled with anything.

I am now a full member and have just completed my first grading and over the last 3 months have become more flexible and confident and lost over 20 pounds in weight.

For anyone thinking of trying taekwondo give it a go you have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

Chris Tomlinson

After doing taekwondo as a child and now watching my own child do taekwondo, some 20 years later I decided to start up again. I felt scared because I had become so unfit and thought I would be the only beginner, but I gave it a go and I'm so happy that I did. Everyone in class is friendly and want to help you achieve your best. The instructors are professional and made me feel welcome. After only a few months training, I know I'm getting fitter and have met some lovely people in group. I'd recommend anyone to give it a go.

Milly Tomlinson

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